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Nexus Pursuit brings professionals and companies together around the idea of modern work, with a vision for a more productive, happier work life. Remote working can benefit both the employer and the professional, and that’s where Nexus Pursuit makes the difference. Nexus Pursuit is the perfect partner for companies that want to implement remote working into their work culture.

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Are you looking for a challenging remote opportunity?
Are you looking for a challenging remote opportunity?
Do you have temporary jobs?
Do you have a job opening and are you interested in the Nexus Pursuit way?
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Is your company ready for this future-proof approach?

Remote working has numerous benefits for both employer and employee. The Nexus Pursuit way isn’t just an adjustment to the existing remote working policy. It’s a carefully considered process, a complete concept, that addresses every facet of remote working and offers support for both the company and the employees. Would you like to implement remote working at your company, making your HR policies future proof?

Nexus Pursuit also helps companies that are looking for the right people in an innovative, human, and most of all, productive way.  In short: the Nexus Pursuit way, a way that makes everyone happier and better. We’d be happy to support you in finding the perfect match and successfully implementing remote working.

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Why should you implement remote working, the Nexus Pursuit way of working, at your company?

Nexus Pursuit offers a complete solution for remote working, for companies both large and small. We don’t just look at your policy, we work with you to make sure it’s effective, we offer support for both the company and the professionals, so everyone has a win-win experience. By offering a good remote working policy, you’re not only improving the bond of trust you share with your employees, you’re also guaranteeing significant cost savings within your organisation and happier employees.
Do you have a job opening you’d like to offer as a remote opportunity? Are you looking for a professional with at least five years of work experience who can work independently? Are you looking for someone who’s going to chase after goals and report back to you? Then Nexus Pursuit can help you find the perfect professional with the right experience, supporting you through the Nexus Pursuit way. You end up happy, and so does your new colleague.
How is hiring with Nexus Pursuit different?
How is working for Nexus Pursuit different?

Why work with Nexus Pursuit?

Nexus Pursuit is committed to the modern approach to work: a challenging job where you decide where and how much you work. Remote work, the next level. Are you looking for your next challenge and would you like to work remotely? There are both freelance and salaried opportunities available. If you have at least five years of work experience, you’re welcome to register with us. We’ll work with you to identify which job and which role would make you happy, and how the Nexus Pursuit way can improve your work-life balance without limiting you to uninteresting jobs. 
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