Remote work is part of your modern company culture - Implement working from home and prepare for the future.

Remote work often has negative connotations for employers, but nothing could be further from the truth with the Nexus Pursuit way. At Nexus Pursuit, we believe that remote work in different areas can contribute to your company culture, as well as to cost effectiveness and productivity.

What are the benefits to the employer of remote work?

  • No profit loss due to mobility issues;
  • Employees are more productive and more efficient than when they spend 100% of their time in the office;
  • You create a better relationship of trust with your employees - mutual trust grows, and your clients will notice;
  • You can strengthen your employer branding and show the outside world that your company has a modern company culture and cares about their employees;
  • Proven cost effectiveness through increased productivity, reduced downtime from traffic jams;
  • Less absenteeism among employees who work remotely;

And those are just a few of the benefits of remote working found by a range of international studies over the last 10 years. Crafting a successful remote working policy requires engagement from every side: the professional, whether they’re freelance or not, the team, and of course, the company. The policy constantly needs to be optimised. Nexus Pursuit would be happy to help you throughout that process

Want to know more about our remote work services?

We start with an in-depth company analysis, so that we - and you - can gain more insight into the remote working options within your company and set measurable goals for employees. We’ll support you in successfully implementing and optimizing the remote working policy we’ve created together. It’s a living policy that can and will constantly be adjusted depending on the needs and goals within your organization.

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