The Nexus Pursuit way is the perfect solution for a host of problems in the labour market. The labour market is ready for the future, is your company?

About Nexus Pursuit

Our society is changing at lightning speed, but we’re still working the same way we did decades ago. At Nexus Pursuit, we truly believe in a new, more effective way to work, or the Nexus Pursuit way. It doesn’t just make professionals happier and more productive. It also helps companies be more efficient, saving more money as a result. Sounds great, doesn’t it? And it is. The Nexus Pursuit way is a win-win situation for both sides.

Nexus Pursuit offers a complete solution for remote work for high potential professionals. The first and foremost priority is successfully implementing remote working at your company. We not only support you in putting together a successful remote working policy, we’ll also be with you and your employees every step of the way and help you optimize your remote work options. The Nexus Pursuit way is an evidence-based program that can be implemented at both large and small companies.

Looking for flexible workers?
Looking for flexible workers?

Who is Nexus Pursuit?

Ina De Becker is the heart and soul of Nexus Pursuit. Her many years of experience in business and HR allowed her to see the potential in a new, modern way of working. “We can easily solve so many of the problems facing the labor market today (such as scarcity, not finding the right people, mobility, the list goes on) by offering remote work the right way,” says Ina. She put her words into action and started Nexus Pursuit. Nexus Pursuit is focused on “Aiming for Connection”. Ina doesn’t just want to connect remote professionals and companies, she also wants to connect the overall balance between work and life. That’s why she developed the Nexus Pursuit way, a complete solution for implementing remote work within companies. 

Nexus Pursuit is the perfect partner for companies who want to successfully integrate remote work into their business by doing more than just making adjustments to the remote work policy. Nexus Pursuit also supports organizations that are looking for the right people in an innovative, human, and most of all, productive way.  In short: the Nexus Pursuit way, a way that makes everyone happier and better. 

The Nexus Pursuit way - what exactly does that mean?

In concrete terms, it means that Nexus Pursuit provides a complete solution, a personalized program for companies and candidates in different ways:

  • Implementation, optimization, and support for remote work within companies

Do you want your company to be ready for the labor market of the future? Then considering a solid remote work policy is vital. But simply including remote work in a policy isn’t enough. That’s why Nexus Pursuit developed a program for successfully implementing this future-proof strategy and optimizing it in your company.

Nexus Pursuit can also provide support for current job openings, from writing the job description to following up with the professional. Nexus Pursuit will be there for you at every milestone as you find the right employees. We take a personal, yet professional approach so we can make remote jobs a win-win for everyone.

  • Project sourcing high-potential remote workers

Do you have at least five years of work experience and are you looking for a new challenge, but aren’t interested in slogging back and forth to the city every day? And would you like to reduce your carbon footprint by cutting out your commute? Then remote work might be for you. Register today and we’ll help you explore your options. Do you have to be a freelancer? Of course not, remote jobs can be freelance or salaried. We’ll help you through that, as well.

Looking for flexible workers?

Our Mission

Nexus Pursuit is committed to helping create a labour market that’s accessible to everyone, regardless of mobility limitations faced by both companies and individuals. We believe in a new, different way of working, where productivity, cost efficiency, and tailored support are the keys to a successful partnership. The Nexus Pursuit way leads to happier, more efficient, more productive work at all levels of society.

Our Vision

Remote working isn’t just efficient and cost-effective, it also reduces our impact on the environment. It makes being both productive and happy at work achievable over the long term. Location is no longer a barrier, company funds can be invested more efficiently. Making remote work an option for companies and professionals, so that traditional work patterns can be broken.

Nexus Pursuit supports companies in changing their work patterns for the future and helps them lay the strongest possible foundation for building a successful enterprise. This means that companies not only remain competitive, they strengthen their employer branding, too. Only companies that think towards the future and let their partners and employees work remotely will be prepared to address the problems that many companies are facing today, including but not limited to mobility. The Nexus Pursuit way, a program tailored to your company, will prepare you for this trend and support you in taking the first steps towards the future.

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